American Nitrile LLC: Another foreign backed nitrile factory planning to operate on US Soil

American Nitrile LLC: Another foreign backed nitrile factory planning to operate on US Soil

American Nitrile is said to be opening early 2022 within a 527,000 sq. foot facility in Columbus, Ohio. 29 year old Jacob Block, CEO has raised over 100 million dollars from “investors” and has received a 3.5 million dollar grant from
Jobs Ohio.

“American Nitrile is fulfilling a critical and rapidly growing need for medical and non medical nitrile gloves made in the United States. While reducing our country’s vulnerability to the supply chain disruptions experienced during the pandemic is a catalyst, demand for nitrile gloves extends far beyond immediate needs”, said Block. After digging deeper, we discovered that American Nitrile
has partnered with Luster Industries, a publicly traded company in Malaysia.

Malaysia, is recognized as the largest producers of Nitrile Gloves (often under a recurring cloud of slave and child labor accusations and import bans)
Luster Industries recently partnered with Fortune TAC Sbn. Bhd., (another Malaysian company) and formed GlovMaster and GlovConcept Sdn. Bhd.
GlovMaster is currently selling their own brand of Nitrile gloves out of Selangor, Malaysia.

According to Luster Industries, a minimum of 12 production lines shall be placed into two separate orders which works out to about 42 million US in value. American Nitrile then aspires to purchase up to 72 additional production lines
within the first 24 months from the date of the agreement,” it said.

Upon commencement of the production lines, GlovMaster will be entitled to a percentage of all sale proceeds generated by the production lines, with a minimum entitlement of US$2 million per year, and capped at US $50 million for every 12 lines.

“Once all the 84 production lines are running at full capacity, Luster could see earnings of up to US $350 million coming from the sales proceeds of gloves by American Nitrile,” it added.

This seems to be yet another example of foreign companies coming into the US in a “Trojan Horse” strategy that continues to keep the US from standing up 100% American owned PPE manufacturing and production.

Under the American Nitriles structure, it appears several Malaysian companies will continue to take advantage and profit from the American consumer and our ongoing PPE needs.

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