Revitalizing American Jobs: Catered Lunch Program

Revitalizing American Jobs: Catered Lunch Program


Join us as we take you behind the scenes of US Medical Glove's catered lunch program, where the team at Big Foot Inn provides hearty meals for our employees. Our commitment to employee wellness is reflected in every meal, carefully crafted to fuel our team's innovation and productivity. Discover our partnership and nutritious lunches and see how we elevate the workplace catering experience. Bon appétit!



My name is Dominick Armon. I'm the chef and owner of the Big Foot Inn Supper Club in Harvard. We've been custom catering since last June.

So, our role here is we are actually like their corporate caterer.

As the chef and owner, I bring together a staff, and we literally cook it from the Big Foot Inn, which is five minutes away, we box it up, and then we bring it.

Me and my wife, whose my partner, Mirabel, and then two of our key people.

When we purchased Big Foot, the old owners told me, "I feel bad that the Motorola has closed down." 

Apparently at the old Motorola, they had a lot of people that would go into Big Foot. So, when John and the crew came and they mentioned they were coming down, we were delighted.

As they're growing, it's nice to see in the community, and once again, how good he takes care of his people. You can see that they're here for the long haul.

We love this account. We consider this a business in itself, and we're very proud to serve.