US Medical Glove Company: Reindustrializing American Manufacturing with Made-in-America Nitrile Gloves

US Medical Glove Company: Reindustrializing American Manufacturing with Made-in-America Nitrile Gloves


This is the USMGC story. It’s a Made-in-America success story about independence, innovation, self-reliance, and the restoration of the industrial capacity that built America. We're honored to have our story narrated by the legendary TV journalist and news anchor, Bill Kurtis. Read the transcript below.



Each day, at this newly refurbished factory on the Wisconsin/Illinois border, American workers make nearly 7 million nitrile gloves – on American-made machines – with chemicals and components produced on American soil. 

These gloves protect the people who protect Americans. 

In 2024, US Medical Glove Company’s annual capability is 2 point 5 billion gloves. In 2025 our capacity is expected to more than double. 

But we are more than a glove company.  We are an engineering company, a chemistry company, and a technology company. We have completely re-imagined glove production and are on a mission to re-industrialize American manufacturing.

During the pandemic, foreign powers controlled the PPE supply – blocking American access and endangering lives. 

The Department of Defense and the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response moved quickly to onshore PPE production and secure the nitrile glove supply chain. 

USMGC is meeting that mission and taking it a step further – positioning America to become the world leader in PPE production. 

Our first priority was to make the world’s most advanced glove-making machine – engineered and fabricated in-house. 

Our machines are 80% smaller and 90% lighter than conventional machines. They require a 10th of the energy and 100% of the water is recycled using our proprietary system. 

We took control of the entire supply chain. 

Chemicals and components exported almost exclusively from Asia are now 100% American-made. 

Our stripping machines, layering machines, and sub-assemblies are all made in-house.  And we make our own parts with 3-D printers and robotic CNC machines. 

We even build and wire our own panels. 

Each step in the process is led by American workers powered with the latest laser and robotic technology.

Our machines are in high demand here in the U-S and in allied countries. Our team can ship and assemble anywhere in the world in a matter of days. 

This Made-in-America success story isn’t just about innovation.    

It’s about self-reliance.  

Outmaneuvering American adversaries.    

Restoring and supercharging the industrial capacity that built America.    

With American-made jobs that we can be proud of.