This is an AMERICAN


Our story is one of resilience, determination, and patriotism. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign powers and manufacturers cut-off the supply of critically needed PPE. While the manufacturing of masks, gowns and sanitizers could be quickly started and scaled on U.S. soil, nitrile gloves had a huge entry barrier for many reasons.   

Intent on environmental responsibility, USMG has also invested massive research and development into the innovation and implementation of additive manufacturing and biopolymer research, continuing efforts to establish sustainable PPE as the
industry standard.

The campus, with massive independent power generation, 3 outside tank farms, 190 overhead cranes, plus its own water treatment facility and indoor rail station, will house 100 production lines and employ 1,400 people. With this, USMG is poised to become the largest high-tech nitrile glove factory in the world and a valuable source of jobs to the local labor force.

US Medical Glove
American Innovation. American Made. An Honorable Mission.