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Our story is one of resilience, determination, and patriotism. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign powers and manufacturers cut-off the supply of critically needed PPE. While the manufacturing of masks, gowns and sanitizers could be quickly started and scaled on U.S. soil, nitrile gloves had a huge entry barrier for many reasons.   

In early 2020, a few true pioneers and innovators began with a mission: to bridge this barrier by bringing critical nitrile glove making to America. A partnership was formed with the US Government, and in just 11 short months, with invaluable support from the Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Defense, the largest nitrile glove and glove machine manufacturing factory in North America was built.

US Medical Glove occupies 2 million sq feet of fabrication and manufacturing space, and has the capacity to build 100 machines each year. At capacity, we will produce approx. 100 million boxes (or 10 billion gloves annually). Our machines are 7x smaller, use 11x less electricity, and 10x less water than anyone in the industry, giving us the lowest carbon footprint of any glove-production machine manufacturer in the world.  We also have a tactical plug and play advantage to our machines allowing us to commission a glove production line faster than any other machine in the world. 

In house, our capacity will currently fulfill 30% of our nation’s annual NBR glove need, but we don’t intend to stop there. US Medical Glove is poised to expand, utilizing the strategic size and efficiency of our machines, to set up glove-making hubs all across the United States and the world.

Intent on environmental responsibility, USMG has also invested massive research and development into the innovation and implementation of additive manufacturing and biopolymer research, continuing efforts to establish sustainable PPE as the
industry standard.

The campus, with massive independent power generation, 3 outside tank farms, 190 overhead cranes, plus its own water treatment facility and indoor rail station, will house 100 production lines and employ 1,400 people. With this, USMG is poised to become the largest high-tech nitrile glove factory in the world and a valuable source of jobs to the American labor force.

US Medical Glove
American Innovation. American Made. An Honorable Mission.