This is an AMERICAN


A story that will change the landscape of manufacturing in the US and create massive change, creating a cause and effect that will be felt around the world!

During the onset of the Pandemic, foreign powers and supplier’s cut-off the supply of critically needed PPE. While the manufacturing of masks, gowns and sanitizers could be quickly started and scaled on U.S. soil, Nitrile gloves had a huge barrier to entry for many reasons.   

In early 2020, a few true pioneers and innovators began with a mission.

A partnership was formed with the US Government to build the largest Nitrile Factory in the United States. With support from the Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Defense, the mission was launched. The company name, U.S. Medical Glove (USMG).

A 15-year lease was negotiated on an amazing 1.2 million sq. foot campus facility, about an hour outside of Chicago, that once housed a virtual city of manufacturing for the Caterpillar Company.

With massive independent power generation, its’ own water treatment, an indoor rail station, 3 outside tank farms and 190 overhead cranes, the facility is being upcycled to become the largest high-tech nitrile glove factory in the world. It will serve as the Global Research and Innovation Center for advanced manufacturing and biopolymer research.

The campus will house 100 production lines that will be capable of producing approximately 10 billion gloves per year. This massive facility will be capable of producing over 30% of our nations annual glove needs.

US Medical Glove Company will employ over 1400 people and have spared no expense for their employee break areas, free cafeteria, free medical clinic, fitness area, free child care, weekly masseuse & even quiet rooms for their team members.

By all accounts, this first facility will output the most nitrile gloves under one massive roof, making it the largest nitrile factory in the world! APPROXIMATELY 100 MILLION BOXES A YEAR & NEARLY 10 BILLION GLOVES ANNUALLY! This is just the beginning of this real-life success story that has emerged out of a dark time over the last 2 years.