Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 100 US made production lines. 80 medical and dental and 20 specialty lines for different colors and thicknesses

Projected output of 10 million boxes (1 billion gloves) per month.

Each line will produce approx. 100,000 boxes each month.

We built them using all US sourced and custom manufactured parts

100 per box, 5 boxes per bundle, 660 boxes per pallet and 34,320 boxes per truckload.

Absolutely! You will be direct to factory, and you will be able to either call your order into to our customer service line, or place your orders online.

No. While our focus will be exam and dental gloves, we will also dedicate up to 20 production lines for colored gloves, 6 mil Fentanyl Tested Black Gloves, 8 mil Textured Orange Gloves and 12’ and 16’ extended cuffs if demand dictates.

We are currently able to sell our gloves under the “Defense
Production Act Waiver”
. We are also getting priority processing from the FDA to secure our 510Ks quickly. The FDA has an office inside our campus.

100 per box, 5 boxes per bundle, 660 boxes per pallet and 34,320 boxes per truckload.

Net 30 terms with approved credit

The majority of our NBR comes from Italy from Synthomer, with the remaining obtained from LG in Korea.  

Our goal is to be factory direct to as many customers as we can. However, we will consider any and all opportunities that will accomplish or goal of converting every nitrile glove user in the US to American Made Product!

There are a number of reasons. First and foremost, the pandemic showed us that our dependence on foreign suppliers for critical PPE is a dangerous and costly position to be in. Secondly, the product that comes from overseas is tainted not only by bacteria and pathogens, but also by scandals and accusations of enslaved labor, child labor and abuse.   

Of course! If you’re an existing or potential customer or a school or trade group that are interested in seeing one amazing manufacturing campus, let us know. We will be happy to schedule something. 

While we would prefer to work directly with the governments of foreign nations interested in our manufacturing technology, we are open to explore international opportunities, once we have accomplished our US sales goals.