Why Should You Only
Buy U.S. Made Gloves?

  • The pandemic identified America’s complete dependence on Asia for all our most critically needed PPE and medical supply.

  • Throughout the pandemic Asian manufacturers of nitrile gloves, price gouged, broke decade long contracts, cheated American importers and took short cuts withformulation, labor and hygiene.

  • Many investigations into food and medical glove production factories, uncovered pervasive enslaved labor schemes and child labor eploitation.

  • Billions of counterfeit gloves found their way on shore and are still coming in.

  • Containers filled with used and broken gloves made their way into our hospitals, dentals offices and senior care facilities.

  • Top imported brands were tested for adulterations - and in almost every case, were found to be riddled with dozens of strains of bacteria, pathogens, clostridium (the most common causes of food poisoning) and the most stunning of all – Fecal Matter was foundon 60% of the 2800 samples tested.

  • These imported gloves are being used in virtually every facet of health care and foodservice throughout America!
Repacking Nitrile Gloves

US Medical

is re-shoring nitrile glove capability domestically, with a clear mission to reduce imported nitrile gloves.

"What can U.S. Medical offer as an alternative and clear betterment?"

USMG glove machine
  • Government backed private enterprise gives us the tools needed to meet our goals.

  • All of our machines are made, engineered, and manufactured in America.

  • All machines are fabricated in strict hygienic conditions.

  • Virtually all our chemistry and ingredients used to make our gloves are made in America ** NBR is imported from Europe.
  • We can offer value pricing for a true American made machine.

  • American customer service

  • Manufacture gloves in your own country, creating just in time inventory

  • No constant ocean shipping dramas and delays.

Tanks at USMG