Glove assembly machine

Nitrile Glove Machines Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

USMG designed and built machines unlike any made in the world before. Employing entirely next-generation technology and innovation.

American Made Nitrile Glove Machines Built for American the World

U.S. Medical Glove Company is a government-backed committed to serving American industries with our innovative nitrile glove machines that are 100% engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Our Mission

As the nation moves past the pandemic, we’re still facing significant supply chain
mismanagement especially with PPE and essential medical supplies. USMG’s mission
is to maximize our country’s PPE production and supply to reduce the import of nitrile
gloves. At USMG, we saw this lack of domestic PPE production as an opportunity to
design and build a Nitrile Glove machine unlike any other in the world.

Nitrile Glove Production

We committed ourselves to efficiency, quality, and sustainability of Nitrile Butadiene
Rubber Glove (NBR)
production. We worked vigorously to create a tactical machine with
advanced technology capable of producing multiple glove types emphasizing efficiency and productivity. These machines produce thousands of units per minute while focusing on environmental responsibility.

Lowest Carbon Footprint

Having spent countless time researching manufacturing and biopolymer sustainability,
we confidently created a state-of-the-art machine that uses 11 times less water and 10 times less energy than traditional PPE manufacturing equipment. As a result, you can expect quality PPE production and a low carbon footprint.

Industries Served

Our state-of-the-art tactical nitrile glove machines are built to meet the needs of various industries handling materials, including: 
• Healthcare
• Science
• Food service
• Emergency Responders
• Industrial

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