Asian Glove Contamination Posing Risk to US Consumers Health

Asian Glove Contamination Posing Risk to US Consumers Health

This is so alarming! Thanks to Steve Ardagh for all the work he is doing bringing to light this significant issue. Unless intensely managed (like Eagle Protect) - disposable gloves coming out of Asia are not just bad - they are DANGEROUS!

The US Government will be looking into all major brands coming from China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The information that is being gathered shows that many of these factories are producing gloves that are not safe to wear in any medical, dental or food related businesses and the FDA needs to aggressively stop, test and ban factories and brands that are sending tainted gloves into our country!

The scope of the independent testing was conducted on approximately 3,000 glove samples of new and unused FDA food-compliant and medically approved gloves for various factors including pathogen loading.

To date, the results have identified over 250 different microbial species, bonafide fecal indicators, and nearly two-dozen food and cutaneous pathogens, found on both the interior and exterior glove surfaces.

The FDA Food Code for disposable gloves (FDA Title 21, Part 177) does not specifically require gloves to be intact, clean, or sanitary, and require no testing upon arrival in the U.S.

“A significant amount of trust is being placed in the hands of manufacturers, the majority of which are based in southeast Asia. But in some cases, our testing has revealed this trust may be misplaced based on the extensive glove analysis results soon to be published,” said Ardagh.