US Medical Glove Inks Up to 1.3 KT LG Chemicals Deal Ensuring Supply

US Medical Glove Inks Up to 1.3 KT LG Chemicals Deal Ensuring Supply

U.S. Medical Glove Company LLC. (USMGC) reached an agreement to purchase as many as 1.3 kt month of Nitrile from LG Chemicals ensuring essential materials to produce powder-free nitrile examination gloves in the United States. The company will begin offloading within the next week.

MONTGOMERY, Ill., Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — US Medical Glove Company, the only maker of American-made nitrile gloves — and nitrile glove-making machines, finalized an agreement with Seoul-based LG Chemicals to purchase as many as 1.3 kilotons per month of nitrile chemicals; locking in critical supply-chain redundancy to ensure U.S. made gloves are available starting in the first quarter of 2022 and becoming LG’s largest buyer of nitrile in the U.S.

LG Chemicals is the second global chemicals giant to sign on to supply US Medical Glove as the U.S. leader in advanced manufacturing of nitrile gloves. USMGC continues to receiving nitrile from London-based Synthomer.

USMGC has expanded to occupy 1.32 million square feet of a former Caterpillar heavy industrial campus where they are using five indoor climate-controlled tank farms to ensure critical chemicals are available for domestic glove supply.

This expansion will house our robotic machine line manufacturing process and continue its partnership with the local community by creating additional direct and indirect skilled jobs in Kendall County and the Village of Montgomery, Illinois. Enrolling local suppliers, trades and professionals is a critical component of US Medical Glove’s development strategy.

All of this is part of the critical infrastructure to decouple from China and to provide USA-made medical devices that are clean, reliable and made using best-in-class labor practices.

Currently, the United States lacks the domestic capacity to produce the nitrile necessary to meet demand for domestic nitrile gloves. The Department of Health and Human Services with delegated authority to the Department of Defense initiated US glove investments in US glove infrastructure to remedy this shortage and develop US glove capacity expansion.

“Used, filthy, counterfeit nitrile gloves have been coming into our country and poisoning our society,” said US Medical Glove CEO, Dylan Ratigan. “The LG Chemicals deal is a critical step in stopping that filth once and for all.”

American healthcare providers and consumers now have a choice of competitively priced, higher quality, American customer service in US Medical Glove Company, the only American manufacturer of machines that make nitrile gloves.

The nitrile supplies are being delivered to the new USMGC factory near Chicago, which will house up to 100 American-made nitrile glove machines, capable of supplying 10 billion gloves annually.